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Lockout THIS! Welcome to PDW 2011!

Welcome, Punch Drunkards! This 2011 football stuff is really gonna happen. With the lockout nonsense out of the way the madness that is NFL business and PDW business may now continue. It’s time to start setting up your pre-draft rankings, and remember those ever helpful mock drafts can do you a lot of good.

Remember, we’re doing Keepers this year. You’ll be able to keep 1 player from your 2010 roster at $5 on top of his value from 2010. The first Keeper Year a player’s value will be $5 on top of his previous draft value, and the second Keeper Year a player’s value will be $15 on top of his previous year’s value (see links below for PDW Official Rules and the 2010-11 PDW Auction Draft Summary for draft values). A single Keeper player may be kept on one manager’s roster for up to three seasons (meaning a player may be kept TWICE). Please set your Keeper from you Team page and also email me your selection on or before one week prior to the draft (Keeper Deadline: Friday, August 19)

PDW Official Rules
2010-11 PDW Auction Draft Summary

Live Online Auction Draft
Friday, August 26

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