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Welcome to PDW 2011!

Well done on the draft, Punch Drunkards! With the exception of some odd roster issues for the iPoopers, I believe it went off without a hitch. Now it’s time to start tweaking those teams that we’ve built. Love them or hate them. Because of the lockout and NFL roster size changes there stands to be a lot more flux for preseason guys, so keep an eye out. There might be some heroes out there to replace the duds you picked up.

Don’t forget that we’re keeping the same trade rules from last year. There is no approval period for trades, so we can sneak in those exciting buzzer beaters on game day. But, if you feel like a trade is unfair please let me know and we can put it to a vote. I have confidence that you guys can keep the douchebag factor fairly low.

League info, links, records, draft summaries, keeper list, and much more will soon be available from punchdrunkwonderland.com, so please feel free to visit often.

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