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Austin is the man in Week 2.

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Two weeks down and the excitement continues. Team Jett put up the top PDW score of the week again (131.8), and there was another close one with RickK’sRevenge squeaking by I Need A Miracle (110.2 – 107.9). Miles Austin led the way in fantasy points with 31.1. Below are this week’s scoring leaders.

Week 2 Top 10
Miles Austin 31.1
Jeremy Maclin 29.2
Vincent Jackson 29.2
Tom Brady 29.1
Cam Newton 26.5
Adrian Peterson 26.1
Fred Jackson 26
Matthew Stafford 25.7
Jason Campbell 25.1
Darren McFadden 24.3

Get ready for Week 3, Punch Drunkards. It was nice to see a lot of roster moves and trades last week. Keep it up. Bye weeks will be on us in no time and this whole thing will get flipped on its lid. Also, for those that haven’t paid yet, I NEED LEAGUE FEES. Send them my way when you can. Here are your Week 3 matchups. Good luck!

NSFW11: ColtsTix4Sale (0-2) v. The Apparatus: NeedMoreDogs (1-1)
Dude Where’s My Team (0-2) v. ShortBus: HellInAHndBskt (1-1)
Team Jett (2-0) v. Stl iPoopers (2-0)
I Need A Miracle (1-1) v. 3-Ho’ Punchers: Womb Shifters (2-0)
RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow (2-0) v. STL Underachievers (0-2)
BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (0-2) v. JUGG11: STL = STALE (1-1)

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  1. shane

    September 20, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Then he promptly fucked up his hamstring and is out until mid October.