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Holy Bullshit! NFL is Happening!

Wow. What a first week. How freakin’ awesome is it to have real, honest to god, football? And, with it, fantasy football to agonize over…just sweet.

Week 1 in the NFL was full of all kinds of surprising and amazing performances. A record for passing yards in a single week across the league. A QB putting up 517 yards. A rookie setting a new record for NFL debuts. It was a big opening week for PDW, too. The near perennial S.O.T.Y, Team Jett, put up a monster lead off week against Juice (144-125.5). And, there were some close ones as iPoopers squeaked by NSFW (129.9-126.3) and I Need A Miracle topped STL Underachievers (86.9-76.1). As far as top performers, there were some biggies:

Week 1 Top 10
Tom Brady 34.9
49ers D/ST 34.4
Chad Henne 33.5
Cam Newton 31.6
Steve Smith 29.8
Drew Brees 28.9
Mike Tolbert 28.3
Wes Welker 28
Ray Rice 26.9
Kenny Britt 26.6

Now it’s time to head into Week 2 and get busy with Waiver Wire and Free Agent moves. Remember there is a 1 day Waiver period, so that means Waiver claims will go through early in the morning on Wednesdays. Once players have cleared Waivers they’ll go up as Free Agents. Waiver Priority is based on draft dollars left on the table during the draft, and as you spend a Waiver claim you drop to the bottom.

Good luck in Week 2, Punch Drunkards. Here are this week’s matchups:

The Apparatus v. Dude Where’s My Team
Stl iPoopers v. ShortBus
NSFW v. Team Jett
RickK’sRevenge v. I Need A Miracle
STL Underachievers v. JUGG
3-Ho’ Punchers v. BackFromThe281

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