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Ole PDW Switch-A-Roo

Week 4 sounds like a reasonable time to bring in a new owner, right? Due to a miscommunication problem and some kind of ESPN account issue that Roy is fed up with, he’s out of PDW for the rest of the year. James will be taking his place. This means James will assume the league fee and the existing roster for the dead team. This means PDW is now 10 of 12 Indy locals. The Kommish likes.

Below are the Week 4 PDW matchups. Good luck, Punch Drunkards!

Dude Where’s My Team (0-3) v. NSFW11: Tecmo Super Blow (1-2)
The Apparatus: FullBenchPress (1-2) v. Stl iPoopers (3-0)
ShortBus: HellInAHndBskt (2-1) v. Team Jett (2-1)
RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow (3-0) v. 3-Ho’ Punchers: Womb Shifters (2-1)
I Need A Miracle (2-1) v. JUGG11: 317 is JUGG Country (1-2)
The Iron Price (0-3) v. BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (1-2)

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