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Purple Jesus All Day

ATTENTION: League Fees due this week or you get a 10 point score deduction in Week 6!!!

Adrian Peterson put on his best Purple Jesus show in Week 5 to be the top fantasy producer. In PDW we had some close ones and some good shows as well. RickK’sRevenge pulled out a close one to remain undefeated, and the standings have started to spread out as the 2-2 log jam was broken.

The bye weeks continue in Week 6, so keep those rosters rolling. Now might be a good time to start wheeling and dealing on some value trades, too. Below are the Week 5 Top 10 and our Week 6 matchups. Good luck, Drunkards.

Week 5 Top 10
Adrian Peterson 30.2
Matt Cassel 27.4
Ben Roethlisberger 27
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 26.9
Dwayne Bowe 26.8
Fred Jackson 25.6
Seahawks D/ST 25.2
49ers D/ST 24.8
Pierre Garcon 24.5
Cam Newton 24.5

Week 6 Matchups
BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (2-3) v. The Apparatus: BestFootForward (3-2)
RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow (5-0) v. NSFWArianFoster vs.AryanWelkah (1-4)
The Iron Price (1-4) v. Stl iPoopers (4-1)
3-Ho’ Punchers: Le Coq Diesel (3-2) v. Dude Where’s My Team (1-4)
I Need A Miracle (2-3) v. Team Jett (2-3)
ShortBus: HellInAHndBskt (4-1) v. JUGG11: Bear Bones Beatdown (2-3)

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