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Week 5: Bye bye baby (Show me the money)

Week 4 is in the books and the newcomer, The Iron Price, managed to pull together a win from the winless adopted team he inherited. Good job, James. With Week 5 coming up, it’s time to start the bye week shuffle. Don’t forget to check your rosters and players status updates. We don’t want any S.O.T.Y. points getting racked up already.

The other big item is MONEY MONEY MONEY. We’re in Week 5 and 4 folks still haven’t paid their league fees. Please send your $35 either to me via mail, in person, or paypal it to me. This is the last week before points deductions start. If a team hasn’t paid by game time of Week 6, 10 points will be deducted from that week’s score. Week 7 will be 20, Week 8 will be 30, etc.

Without further ado, below are the Fantasy Top 10 from Week 4 and the Week 5 PDW matchups. How the hell did Tarvaris Jackson wind up on that list!? Anyway, good luck, Drunkards.

Week 4 Top 10
Aaron Rodgers 45.8
Cam Newton 33.3
Ravens D/ST 31
Beanie Wells 30.8
Michael Vick 30.1
Matt Forte 28.8
Pierre Garcon 26.6
Josh Freeman 24.1
Arian Foster 22.6
Tarvaris Jackson 22.2

Week 5 PDW Matchups
Team Jett (2-2) v. The Apparatus: PassTheBlount (2-2)
NSFW11: Hank WilliamsJewnior (1-3) v. ShortBus: HellInAHndBskt (3-1)
Stl iPoopers (3-1) v. Dude Where’s My Team (1-3)
3-Ho’ Punchers: Le Coq Diesel (2-2) v. The Iron Price (1-3)
JUGG11: U Need More Than That (2-2) v. RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow (4-0)
I Need A Miracle (2-2) v. BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (1-3)

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