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Are you ready for Thursday Night

VJax came up big in Week 9 as the top fantasy producer, and his big numbers helped lead to the week’s top score of 145.9 for The Apparatus. This last week may have had the closest matchups on record as there were 4 PDW matchups that were decided by 16 points or less. The close battles were capped off by a hard fought pairing between Blackforest Record Wreckers and Team Jett in which Team Jett squeaked by from behind Monday night on Urlacher’s tackles and Gould’s foot.

With 4 weeks left in the regular season the fight for those 6 playoff spots is on. As a reminder, the Playoffs will start Week 14 with #5 Seed v. #4 Seed and #6 Seed v. #3 Seed (the top 2 Seeds will have byes). Also, the 2011 Trade Deadline is August 26th @ 8:00pm, so if there’s some season buster trade that your dying to setup your time is running out.

Below are the Top 10 from Week 9 and our Week 10 matchups. Don’t forget that Week 10 marks the beginning of Thursday Night Football, so that means you will need to start getting your rosters ironed out early. Now is the time of the season when the S.O.T.Y. candidates really start to shine. Good luck, Drunkards!

Week 9 Top 10
Vincent Jackson 32.1
Aaron Rodgers 31
Julio Jones 28.4
Willis McGahee 28.3
Philip Rivers 26.3
Cardinals D/ST 25.6
Tim Tebow 24.6
Arian Foster 22
Matt Moore 21.9
Matt Ryan 21

Week 10 PDW Matchups
Blackforest Record Wreckers (2-7) v. The Apparatus (5-4)
3-Ho’ Punchers (4-5) v. ShortBus: AWWWWWYEAAAAH (7-2)
JUGG11 v. Team Jett (4-5)
Total Gronk (4-5) v. I Need A Miracle (3-6)
Stl iPoopers (7-2) v. RickK’sRevenge: OnWithTheShow (7-2)
NSFW (4-5) v. BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (3-6)

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