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What year is it? Is it suddenly 2008 and Kevin Smith is a relevant fantasy back out of Detroit? With Jahvid Best sidelined for the last several weeks it’s been a crap shoot for the Lions in figuring out who their primary runner is. After being with the team for two weeks, Silent Bob might have earned himself the job. Or, is it another committee with him, MoMo, and Williams? Smith made a strong case with PDW leading 38.1 fantasy points in Week 11. Silent Bob strikes back.

2011 is shaping up to be the most competitive season to date. Currently, the top 6 teams are within 3 games of one another with even more potential to tighten up the field in the coming weeks. Is this one going to come down to a ridiculous Points For race? With 2 weeks left in the regular season Stl iPoopers has jumped up to the top of the field at 8-3 with the points edge over RickK’sRevenge. The Apparatus and ShortBus are sitting just behind at 7-4 and Total Gronk and NSFW are currently riding those bubble spots at the tail end of the playoff picture at 6-5. It’s anybody’s game going into Week 12, Drunkards!

Reminder: The Trade Deadline is this Wednesday, November 23rd. Trades must be accepted by 12:00pm on the 23rd in order to go through.

Week 11 Top 10
Kevin Smith 38.1
Matthew Stafford 29.6
Ray Rice 26.7
Patriots D/ST 25.6
Rex Grossman 25.4
Cam Newton 24.9
Aaron Rodgers 24.6
Jay Cutler 24.5
Jordy Nelson 24.3
Vincent Jackson 23.5

Week 12 PDW Matchups
ShortBus: AWWWWWYEAAAAH (7-4) v. The Apparatus: LateSeasonSurge (7-4)
Stl iPoopers (8-3) v. NSFW (6-5)
Team Jett (4-7) v. Total Gronk (6-5)
JUGG11 (4-7) v. 3-Ho’ Punchers (5-6)
I Need A Miracle (4-7) v. Blackforest Record Wreckers (3-8)
BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (4-7) v. RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow (8-3)

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