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The Bear’s D was a monster in Week 10. Absolute turnover fest. I’d point out that Arian Foster was number two in fantasy points this week, but that’s old hat. That guy is insane. We had another close one put up by Team Jett as he barely squeaked by JUGG. Of course, that’s assuming there aren’t random mid-week scoring adjustments. For those that didn’t notice, last week there was a points flip-flop on Thursday that switched the Blackforest-Jett matchup back in Blackforest’s favor. Crazy. Lets hope we don’t see too much of the mid-week adjustments come playoff time. Shit might get broke.

There are 3 weeks left in the PDW regular season. As a reminder, the Playoffs will start Week 14 with #5 Seed v. #4 Seed and #6 Seed v. #3 Seed (the top 2 Seeds will have byes). Also, the 2011 Trade Deadline is November 23rd @ 12:00pm, so trade em if ya got em.

Good luck in Week 11, Drunkards!

Week 10 Top 10
Bears D/ST 41.5
Arian Foster 30.6
Michael Bush 30.2
Aaron Rodgers 29.1
Larry Fitzgerald 26.6
Tom Brady 26.2
Titans D/ST 26
Denarius Moore 25.5
DeMarco Murray 24.1
Chris Johnson 23.4

Week 11 PDW Matchups
BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317 (3-7) v. Team Jett (4-6)
ShortBus: AWWWWWYEAAAAH (7-3) v. I Need A Miracle (3-7)
Stl iPoopers (7-3) v. 3-Ho’ Punchers: Just Die, Baby! (5-5)
NSFW (5-5) v. Blackforest Record Wreckers (3-7)
Total Gronk (5-5) v. JUGG11 (4-6)
The Apparatus: Showstopper (6-5) v. RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow (8-2)


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