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Week 8 was a historic week in PDW, and it was also a fairly apt Halloween week. There should be nightmares following some of those matchups. The big PDW history maker was JUGG for putting up a record 173 fantasy points in his matchup against NSFW. The previous single week record was 159.3 scored by Team Davis in Week 1 of 2009. But, it wasn’t just JUGG putting up the huge numbers. NSFW put up 137.9 in a frightening loss. That makes their Week 8 matchup the highest points scored in a single weekly matchup with 310.9. The previous high was 288.7 scored by Moving Target and “Fuck it, Jamal in” in Week 13 of 2009.

Given the matchups, it was a perfect week for those teams in the middle to make their moves up the PDW ranks, and some middle-of-the-roaders had some shots to knock off teams at the top of the standings. Yay, it would’ve been nice to see a team such as…oh…RickK’sRevenge take another loss at the hands of a team in the middle of the mix. How that would spread the field and make it even more interesting going into next week. That’s where we get to our next historic achievement from Week 8. A historic S.O.T.Y. showing by Team Jett. That was a real home team Colts style effort with the starting of a player that was Out, another on IR AND on a bye, 2 other guys on byes, and the continuation of a starting streak for an IDP that isn’t even a defensive player in the NFL anymore (he plays Full Back). But, hey…Hardesty got hurt so maybe now isn’t the time to pull Hillis out of that RB slot. Also, looks like you won’t have to deal with those pesky byes in Week 9 so maybe you’ll accidently field a full roster. Good luck. And remember, Drunkards, it’s more fun for everyone when at least a modicum of effort is put into setting up those rosters each week.

The standings are getting tight, and there could be a dog fight for those 5th and 6th playoff slots. Don’t forget to shuffle those bye week rosters, and good luck in Week 9!

Week 8 Top 10
Bengals D/ST 33.6
Steven Jackson 33.1
LeSean McCoy 32
Adrian Peterson 30.2
Lions D/ST 30.2
Ray Rice 27.9
Bills D/ST 25.8
Michael Vick 25
Cam Newton 24.9
Matthew Stafford 24.7

Week 9 Matchups
3-Ho’ Punchers: Painter Sucks!
RickK’sRevenge : OnWithTheShow
v. Stl iPoopers
BackFromThe 281 YEE-HAA! 317
v. Total Gronk
We’ll all go to Hell Together
v. Team Jett
The Apparatus
v. I Need A Miracle

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