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Introducing the PDW Record Book

Given the heroic showing and record breaking scoring achievements of Week 8, I have started a Punch Drunk Wonderland Record Book. It’s currently a work in progress as I try to dig out some of the numbers from past years. This is really a pet project for Aaron and I to feed our fantasy football obsession whilst trying to not throw shit through yon window as the fantasy season winds down.

Season data is available for every season except for the initial year, 2006. While the records listed include 2007-2011 data it is important to note that 2009-2011 are more or less the “Modern Era” of PDW in which the roster and scoring systems have been the same and we’ve used the same league site here with ESPN.

I’m sure once the offseason comes around there will be all kinds of obscure additions to the Record Book, so be sure to keep coming back.

The PDW Record Book



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