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Battlefield Implications – Week 13 Showdown

In the words of the eminent Michael Buffer, “IT IS TIME!”. The squeeze is on and there could be all kinds of shake up right here at the tail of the season. We saw the top 5 get shuffled following the Week 12 matchups, and it could be turned on its head after Week 13.

The two hottest teams in PDW right now are The Apparatus and NSFW as they’ve both ridden a 4 game winning streak up the weekly standings. RickK’sRevenge sits by himself at 9-3 and will be fighting hard to keep the spot as the teams screaming up from the middle of the pack hold points edge over those who have been riding at the top most of the season. It’s anybody’s game going into the last week of the regular season, so good luck in the fight for those byes.

As the regular season winds down I want to remind everyone about Keepers for next season. We will be keeping 3 players this time, and we will be adding 1 additional bench slot. The same Keeper rules apply:

– 1st Year Keepers are kept at $5 on top of their previous Auction Value
– Players that did not get picked up in the Auction will be considered worth $1
– 2nd Year Keepers are kept at $15 on top of their previous season’s value
– Players may only be kept two years
– There is a $100 salary cap for Keepers

Additionally, player acquisition will be closed after the Championship Matchup is complete, so no offseason shenanigans. The Deadline for declaring your Keepers will be one week prior to next year’s Auction Draft.

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