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First off, I want to thank everyone for another great season. I think 2011 has probably been the most competitive PDW season to date. Good job everyone. It really came down to the last week of the regular season to figure out the 6 playoff spots, and it was hard fought.

The final week shuffled the playoff picture all around as 3-Ho’ Punchers edged their way in while ShortBus was knocked out of the playoffs. This is his first season without a playoff appearance. Tough luck. RickK’sRevenge held on to the #1 seed by the skin of his teeth in a win by 0.2 points over I Need A Miracle. NSFW continued his hot streak with a 5th straight win and a jump to the #3 seed.

Going into Week 14, the first week of PDW 2011 Playoffs, we have RickK’sRevenge and Stl iPoolers on bye. The Apparatus will get a second shot at Total Gronk and NSFW will be matching up against 3-Ho’ Punchers. Good luck everyone!

In award news…Total Gronk locked up Coach of the Year by staying on top in the total points race. And, as usual, eam Jett takes home the Schmuck of the Year hands down.

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