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RickK’sRevenge Wins Drunkard Bowl VI!

When asked about the state of the 2011 PDW Playoffs and his looming comeback, RickK’sRevenge manager, Kreebo, said, “I think of it as the Travesty Bowl.”

It was the logical matchup. Number one seed versus number two. Sure, they both had fairly anemic regular season “Points For” numbers. Sure, nearly every team in the league outscored them in Week 16 and most of those guys weren’t even setting rosters or fielding full teams, but sometimes in PDW it pays to be more lucky than good. If there is such a thing as being “good” at fantasy football. Either way, RickK’sRevenge put up a heroic comeback Monday night to edge out iPoopers 87 to 84.5. Overnight adjustments be damned, Kreebo pulled it out. We now have our 5th PDW Champion in 6 years. Good job, everyone. Congrats to Kreebo, and better luck to everyone next year. And, don’t forget….”DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!” (even -1.6 points)

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