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Yet another PDW offseason

Those dark days are upon us again. The PDW offseason is here. We have but a few more weeks of NFL playoffs and then the Super Bowl…..then abysmal emptiness where there was once football glory and fantasy triumph, heartache, and rage. We’ve already bid our goodbyes to Scott Hanson and NFL RedZone. We’ve named our 2011 PDW Champion. Soon the days of trying to get excited over offseason activity and laboring over who we may want to keep for next year will be upon us. Dark days. Good luck, Drunkards.

Info on PDW 2012

  • Rosters will be expanded to 17 (10 Starters, 7 Bench, 1 IR)
  • Up to 3 Keepers may be designated
  • Keepers must be submitted by 1 week prior to the 2012 Draft (Draft time/date TBA)
  • Be sure to check player values based on the 2011-12 Auction Value Summary
  • PDW Official Rules


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