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Up the Ante…PDW fees going up in 2012

Punch Drunk Wonderland has been through many iterations and much evolution since we started this thing up in 2006.  The original reason for the $35 fee was because that represented the prize pot and a league fee that went to the site that was hosting our league. Now we don’t have to pay the host and the fee represents sweet sweet prize and trophy money. At the request of a number of league members we are going to bump the entry fee up to the nice round number of $50 starting in 2012.  Sure, the piggy banks may need raided but it not only gives us a larger prize pool but a greater incentive to keep you slackers honest and on top of your teams.

Don’t forget to keep up on your research and think about your 3 potential Keeper slots. I’ll send out 2012 Auction Draft date and Keeper Due Date info once the 2012 version of the ESPN site kicks in. Enjoy this exciting offseason, Drunkards!


~The Kommish

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