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The 2012 NFL Draft

2012 NFL Draft

It may be the NFL and PDW offseason, but today we see a lighthouse lit in the offseason darkness. The 1st Round of the 2012 NFL Draft starts tonight at 8pm. There have already been a number of offseason player moves that will have big fantasy impact on the 2012 PDW season, and the NFL Draft marks another determining factor on how our fantasy futures may play out. Will there be a stud rookie to fly to the top of the fantasy charts a la Cam Newton of 2011? Will there be a horrendous bust that results in wasted draft picks and countless tears? To be certain, Punch Drunkards.

Please feel free to stop by The Kommish’s residence for a low key NFL Draft get together tonight around 8ish.  Below are my top 5 predections (because that’s all the NFL draft predicting I can handle) and some predictions for the Colts, too.

Top 5
1.  Colts – Andrew Luck (QB), Stanford
2.  Redskins – Robert Griffin III (QB), Baylor
3.  Vikings – Matt Kalil (OT), USC
4.  Browns – Morris Claiborne (DB), LSU
5.  Bucs – Trent Richardson (RB), Alabama

1. Andrew Luck (QB)
2. Doug Martin (RB)
3. Brandon Brooks (OG)
4. Tyrone Crawford (DE)
5. OT
6. DB

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