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Keepers for 2012

I’ve had a few people get in touch with me about their keepers for the 2012 season, so I wanted to make sure everyone remembers how it works.  Also, since T. is a newcomer he’ll benefit from a primer.

For the 2012 season we can keep UP TO 3 players.  Players that are kept for the first time are worth $5 on top of their 2011 value.  Players kept for a second season are worth $15 on top of their previous season’s value.  Players may only be kept twice, and then they are returned to the player pool.  This applies even if that player spent his first keeper year on a different manager’s roster than he did his second season.  All players acquired from waivers in 2011 are considered to have a 2011 value of $1 (thus, a 2012 keeper value of $6).  Please email me your keepers AND specify them on the ESPN league site by 12:00am on August 18Consult the rules linked below for more details

PDW Keeper Summary
2011-12 PDW Auction Value Summary
PDW Official Rules

Pre-Draft Trades

It is possible to carry out trades with other league managers during the offseason.  Trades could be straight up trades for players or trades that involve players and auction dollars.  Please keep in mind that I don’t have complete control of the auction budget on the ESPN league site.  I can manipulate your draft budget by adjusting your keeper values, so if you work out a trade that puts you above the $200 auction budget number then you must be specifying a keeper for me to correctly reflect the budget change. It is not possible for me to just increase your auction budget alone.

2012 PDW Live Auction Draft
Saturday, August 25

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