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It may not have been the real deal, but holy shit there was preseason football on last night!  Watered down, questionable officiating, not very interesting, and many players who will be bagging groceries in a month.  But, I don’t care…it looked kind of like real NFL football.  Wooooo!

We are a week and a half away from the Keeper Deadline, and two and a half weeks from the 2012 PDW Draft.  It’s time to start getting into mock drafts and fine tuning your roster plans.  Please keep in mind that your keepers must be submitted by 12:00am on Saturday, August 18th.  You don’t have to keep any players, but you can keep up to 3.  See below for a quick reference on values.

  • A player may be kept twice before being returned to the player pool (this applies even if that player was kept by a different manager the previous season)
  • 1st year keepers are worth $5 on top of their previous season Auction Draft Value
  • Undrafted players that were claimed during the 2011 season are considered worth $1 (their 2012 Keeper Value would be $6)
  • 2nd year keepers are worth $15 on top of their previous season value

The 2012 PDW Draft is Saturday, August 25th @ 6:00pm.  As usual, there will be a draft party at my house.  I can provide a few laptops, but please bring your own and any draft resources you plan to use.  If you haven’t yet, please do some mock drafts to make sure you are familiar with the auction draft format.

2012 PDW Draft

Saturday, August 25th

6:00pm ET

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