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Game WINNING INTs & Charles the Monster

First things first. Congrats to Punch Drunkard papa-to-be, Total Gronk. Maybe someday your progeny will be able to succeed where Daddy has failed…winning a Punch Drunk Wonderland Championship. Zing! But, seriously, great news Juice! Also, good job at remaining undefeated through Week 3.

Did you guys know they have replacement refs in the NFL right now? They’re really good. But hey, at least now you can say you’ve seen a QB throw a game winning interception.

Jamaal Charles still has it, folks. That was a freakin’ monster performance he put up in Week 3 to embarrass the Saints. Just brutal. Speaking of monster performances, good job by both Rick’sRevenge and NSFW in turning
fresh acquisitions into big points. Andre Brown was huge for Kreebo, and NSFW’s big play of the Cardinals D/ST was a railroad spike in the The Apparatus’s coffin.

Good job by RickK’sRevenge in picking up both the Steamroller award for biggest victory and the Big Man o’ The Week for high score. Despite putting up a decent showing, iPoopers still got stuck with the Sunday Sally by losing by the greatest margin. The undefeated matchup between ShortBus and I Need A Miracle came down to a 5.8 point margin of victory for I Need A Miracle, keeping him undefeated at 3-0 and winning him The Sneaky Dog for having the closest matchup of the week. In terms of weak performances, The Gravyboat missed the boat with 39.4 points worth of Alfred Morris and Andy Dalton on his bench and came away with the Low Joe o’ The Week and, unbelievably, the Little Bench Award because his bench outscored his starters. Ouch. And finally, in it’s first award appearance since Week 7 of 2011…NSFW wins The Murray for his big points put up by a free agent acquisition of the Cardinal D/ST to help him in the drubbing of The Apparatus. Totally gave him The Murray.

Week 3: Top 10
1. Jamaal Charles – 34.8
2. Ben Roethlisberger – 32
3. Bears D/ST – 27.4
4. Cardinals D/ST – 26.4
5. Maurice Jones-Drew – 26.3
6. Matt Schaub – 25.6
7. Joe Flacco – 25.5
8. A.J. Green – 25.4
9. Robert Griffin III – 25.3
10. Christian Ponder – 25.1

Week 4 Waiver Order
1. ShortBus
3. The Apparatus
4. Magical Flying Noob!!
5. BackFromThe281
6. Total Gronk
7. Stl iPoopers
8. RickK’sRevenge
9. 3-Ho’ Punchers
10. The Gravyboat
11. The Iron Price
12. I Need A Miracle

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