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Make the sacking stop!


It was a nightmare night for Jay Cutler and Bears fans last night as they suffered a mauling by the Packers. While the Pack wasn’t exactly prolific on offense, the defense was brutal. Cutler was intercepted 4 times and sacked 7 times. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clay Matthews got him a few times in the parking lot last night. Just rough.

Cutler is a hot headed and impulsive QB that relies entirely too much on his strong arm. At some point he needs to realize that he would be better off trying to make more smart passing decisions rather than attempting to rocket passes in tight spaces in his best Brett Favre impersonation. There’s a reason why old man Favre also holds the record for most interceptions thrown, Jay.

There are finally some weapons in Chicago to help him out, but it’s completely on Cutler to get the most out of what he has. His pouting demeanor and hot temper don’t make him very easy to like. It’s probably best for him if he just learns to play smart football before that rocket arm starts giving out on him leaving him with no real assets. Otherwise, I see a lot more Punchable Cutler Face on the horizon.


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