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Reggie & Poltergeists in Week 2

Yeah yeah yeah, Reggie Bush is evidently good at football. He had a huge Week 2 and led the way in fantasy points in PDW. Way to go, Ronaldo. That’s not the real news item following the second week of real football.

For 6 years we ridiculed Jesse’s decision making and shitty teams in Punch Drunk Wonderland. It turns out maybe we owe him an apology…slot 6 in the owners list might just be bad mojo. Okay, you’re right. Fuck an apology. But, how crazy is it that after Week 2 in 2009 Team Jett committed a knee jerk drop of Roddy White and now 3 years later and under new ownership, ole slot 6 did it again!?! Crazy! If Aaron picks White up and wins again I’m calling shenanigans.

That said, who knows. Ocho could have somehow hit fantasy gold with Brandon Stokeley and White might have a compound fracture next week. That’s the way this stuff goes. Of course, from the ole Kommish’s vantage point, Ocho ditched his best player while hanging onto 5 WRs that may not help his cause down the stretch as much as White could. But, again…who knows…(btw…White was the leading fantasy receiver for the Falcons last night)

Other things happened in PDW this last week, too. There were matchups. ShortBusThe ApparatusTotal Gronk and I Need A Miracle all came out with wins to put them in a four way tie for 1st in the PDW standings with ShortBus holding the “Total Points For” tiebreaker. ShortBus put up a quality Monday night comeback to win his matchup versus The Iron Price, and Total Gronk managed to hold off NSFW, squeaking by with a 1.9 point win.

Going into Week 3 there is only going to be one matchup of undefeated teams. ShortBus and I Need A Miracle will square off to determine who will be the lone undefeated team after this week.

Good luck, Drunkards!

Week 2: Top 10
1. Reggie Bush – 31.7
2. Robert Griffin III – 30.4
3. C.J. Spiller – 29.0
4. Trent Richardson – 26.5
5. Hakeem Nicks – 25.9
6. Willis McGahee – 25.4
7. Eli Manning – 25.2
8. Cam Newton – 25.1
9. Victor Cruz – 23.9
10. Dante Rosario – 23.8

Week 3 Waiver Order
1. Stl iPoopers
2. RickK’sRevenge
3. ShortBus
5. The Apparatus
6. Magical Flying Noob!!
7. The Iron Price
8. BackFromThe281
9. Total Gronk
10. 3-Ho’ Punchers
11. I Need A Miracle
12. The Gravyboat

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