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Week 3 Preview: Jaguars vs. Colts


Week 3 features an AFC South matchup between the Jaguars (0-2) and Colts (1-1). These divisional battles are always hard fought, and traditionally Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jags run game has wreaked havoc on the Colts defense. The big story element this time around are the quarterbacks heading up both teams. After a rocky start in Week 1, Luck bounced back with a decent performance in Week 2.  Blaine Gabbert is in his second year and is hoping to show he has the skills to succeed, but the team as a whole has struggled so far in 2012.

Key for the Colts:  The pass rush will be the Colts strong point facing a young QB. The Jags have given up 5 sacks thusfar in 2012, and the Colts have put up 6 sacks in two games led by strong performances from DE/LB Robert Mathis.  The Jags pass game has struggled, so it could turn into trouble if Gabbert finds himself on the ground again.

Key for the Jaguars:  The Jaguars haven’t looked good through two weeks, but the big key for them going into this matchup versus the Colts will be the old mainstay…MJD. Indy’s defense is giving up over 100 rushing yards per game on average so far this season, and they have always had problems containing Jones-Drew. While the Jags have been weak, a big performance by MJD could be all they need against a young Colts team.

DEFENSE Passing Yds/Gm Passing TD Rushing Yds/Gm Rushing TD INT Sack
Colts 273 4 104.5 3 1 6
Jaguars 230.5 0 169.5 5 0 2


OFFENSE Passing Yds/Gm Passing TD Rushing Yds/Gm Rushing TD INT Sack
Colts 243.5 3 73.5 1 3 5
Jaguars 147 3 89 0 0 5


Fantasy Leaders:

QB Blaine Gabbert (22.5 pts.)
RB Maurice Jones-Drew (22.2 pts.)

LB Jerrell Freeman (28.5)
QB Andrew Luck (28)
WR Reggie Wayne (26.6)
WR Donnie Avery (21.5)


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