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Week 4 Fantasy Rundown – RB, WR, QB Rankings

Week 4 marks the first week of bye weeks in the NFL. Each week The Kommish will be putting out his projected rankings for the upcoming round of games. The rankings are based on stability of performance, matchups, and general potential awesomeness of the player at their respective position.


RB Start of the Week:  Arian Foster v. Titans

Arian Foster should have a big performance versus the Titans in Week 4. Through three weeks the Titans have given up the 4th most fantasy points to running backs with an average of 25.0 points per week. Couple that with the fact that Week 4 will feature the most solid running game of the opponents Tennessee has faced thusfar, and it could get ugly for the Titans. Both Foster and Tate will likely pile on in this AFC South matchup.


WR Start of the Week:  Calvin Jonson v. Vikings

The Vikings have been getting beat up thusfar in 2012, so look for Megatron to come up big against their NFC North rival. Minnesota has been giving up an average of 20.0 fantasy points per week to wide receivers, and none of the guys they’ve faced thusfar have been named Calvin Johnson. Stafford’s injury status plays into this, but look for Johnson to score regardless of whether it’s Stafford or Hill throwing to him in Week 4.


QB Start of the Week:  Tom Brady v. Bills

It’s difficult to bet against Tom Brady. Coming off the controversial last second loss to the Ravens in Week 3, the Pats are going to be looking for somebody to strangle. Enter the Buffalo Bills. Expect him to have a big day in a division battle. Buffalo has been giving up 16.0 points per week to QBs and 29.3 to wide receivers, and that could translate to big fantasy points on Brady hookups to names like Gronkowski, Welker, and Lloyd.


Running Backs

Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. A. Foster Titans 23.2
2. M. Jones-Drew Bengals 22.4
3. R. Rice Browns 20.6
4. D. McFadden @Broncos 19.3
5. L. McCoy Giants 18.4
6. A. Peterson @Lions 16.8
7. J. Charles Chargers 16.1
8. M. Lynch Rams 14.9
9. D. Murray Bears 14.6
10. R. Mathews @Chiefs 14.2


Wide Receivers

Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. C. Johnson Vikings 18.4
2. A.J. Green @Jaguars 16.3
3. A. Johnson Titans 15.6
4. P. Harvin @Lions 14.1
5. D. Bowe Chargers 13
6. L. Fitzgerald Dolphins 12.8
7. V. Cruz @Eagles 12.2
8. S. Johnson Patriots 11.6
9. J. Jones Panthers 11.4
10. D. Thomas Raiders 10.8



Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. T. Brady @Bills 27.2
2. M. Ryan Panthers 25.8
3. D. Brees @Packers 22.3
4. C. Newton @Falcons 20.6
5. A. Rodgers Saints 18.7
6. E. Manning @Eagles 18.3
7. R. Griffin III @Bucs 18.1
8. T. Romo Bears 17.8
9. M. Schaub Titans 17.2
10. M. Stafford Vikings 16.9

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