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It’s Rodgers’ Neighborhood

Rodgers' Neighborhood

Week 6 is finished and the two undefeated Punch Drunkards remain. Total Gronk and Miracle moved on to 6-0 with Gronk holding the points edge. The rest of the PDW field is shaping up, and there’s a definite divide between the top 5 teams and bottom seven as the top 5 are the only ones above .500 for the season.

This week NSFW takes home both the Steamroller for largest margin of victory and Big Man o’ The Week as he beat up on The Gravyboat 131.8-83.2. That obviously means The Gravyboat is the Sunday Sally for losing by the greatest margin, and the Low Joe o’ The Week goes to our esteemed reigning champ, RickK’sRevenge. Miracle pulled a MNF comeback to slide by The Apparatus and slide into The Sneaky Dog.

A few near midway PDW stats:

  • Through 6 weeks there have been 7,458.7 points scored
  • The season point average is 621.56
  • The weekly average based total points is 103.59
  • Magical Flying Noob has scored a total of 459 points while the duo of receivers he dropped this season have scored 145.7 (White and Colston have scored 32% of Ocho’s total score and currently rank #4 and #11 among WRs respectively….oops)
  • Total Gronk and Miracle need to get through 2 more weeks without a loss to tie ShortBus for PDW record for longest winning streak (8 games).

Week 6 Top 10
1. Aaron Rodgers – 39.1
2. Robert Griffin III – 35.0
3. Shonn Greene – 34.1 (WHAT!?!)
4. Jordy Nelson – 30.1
5. Broncos D/ST – 29.8
6. A.J. Green – 25.5
7. Sam Bradford – 24.0
8. Russell Wilson – 23.3
9. Michael Vick – 23.3
10. Ray Rice – 22.6

Week 7 Waiver Order
1. ShortBus
2. Magical Flying Noob
3. The Iron Price
4. Total Gronk
6. The Gravyboat
7. RickK’sRevenge
8. I Need A Miracle
9. The Apparatus
10. 3-Ho’ Punchers
11. BackFromThe281
12. ItsTime iWin

Reminder: In case some of you only use the phone app for the site, there is a message board and weekly live chat via the individual matchup scoreboards. The live chat is only available from the website (not the app). Don’t forget to check every once in a while.

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