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That helps NO ONE!

Reminder: League Fees are due

Really? Brian Hartline put up 253 receiving yards and a touchdown for 32.3 fantasy points in Week 4? That really happened? Well, 3-Ho’ Punchers can’t feel too bad for leaving him on his bench. First off, he plays for the Dolphins. Second, he’s Brian Hartline. He’s also only owned in 26.7% of ESPN Fantasy Leagues and was only started in 11.3%. So, THAT HELPS NO ONE!

Week 4 had some good matches in PDW. Both Total Gronk and I Need A Miracle hung onto their undefeated records (both moving to 4-0). The Apparatus and Guaranteein AWin (aka iPoopers) were in a nailbiter that came down to a prime time decision Monday Night Football style.The matchup swung back and forth several times throughout the night and nearly swung again in overnight adjustments. The Apparatus squeaked by with the win and The Sneaky Dog for most narrow victory of the week. BackFromThe281 delivered a demoralizing beating to Magical Flying Noob, and I’d like to point out that going into MNF Ocho’s starting roster was being outscored by two players he recently dropped (Roddy White and Marques Colston). For the kids playing at home there’s a lesson to be learned here….don’t drop your top players in knee jerk reactions. It’s a long season.

For their efforts BackFromThe281 and Ocho locked up most of the weekly awards this time. Steamroller andBig Man o’ the Week go to BackFromThe281 and Low Joe o’ the Week and Sunday Sally go to the Magical Flying Noob. Good job guys…kinda.

The PDW Standings are taking some shape. Obviously, the two are sitting at 4-0 while there is a 4 team logjam at 3-1 with ShortBus holding the points tiebreaker. Good luck going into Week 5, Drunkards. And, lets knock those undefeated bastards down a bit.

Week 4 Top 10
1. Brian Hartline – 32.3
2. Tom Brady – 32.0
3. 49ers D/ST – 31.4
4. Drew Brees – 29.8
5. Vikings D/ST – 29.8
6. Cam Newton – 28.2
7. Roddy White – 28.9
8. Aaron Rodgers – 27.9
9. Texans D/ST – 26.2
10. Ryan Fitzpatrick – 25.4

Week 5 Waiver Order
1. ShortBus
2. The Apparatus
3. Magical Flying Noob
4. Guaranteein AWin
5. RickK’sRevenge
6. 3-Ho’ Punchers
7. The Iron Price
9. Total Gronk
10. The Gravyboat
11. BackFromThe281
12. I Need A Miracle

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