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Week 5 Fantasy Rundown – RB, WR, QB Rankings

Each week The Kommish will be putting out his projected top 10 rankings for the upcoming round of games. The rankings are based on stability of performance, matchups, and general potential awesomeness of the player at their respective position.


RB Start of the Week:  Arian Foster v. Jets

It’s starting to sound like a broken record, but the guy is just good. Foster has been as consistent as you can get especially considering he has a strong backup behind him in Ben Tate. In Week 5 he’ll be facing the New York Jets, and their suffering defense. They are ranked 29th in the NFL against the run and they’re reeling with the loss of Darrelle Revis. Look for another big game from Foster.


WR Start of the Week:  Roddy White v. Redskins

The hype coming into 2012 was the big potential of Julio Jones in Atlanta, but it looks like Roddy White isn’t ready to hand over the keys to the kingdom just yet. He’s been solid in 2012 with several big games. In Week 5 the Falcons will be facing a Redskins defense that has given up the most fantasy points to wide receivers. Rest assured that Matt Ryan will likely carve up the ‘Skins and Roddy should have yet another big day.


QB Start of the Week:  Matt Ryan v. Redskins

Matty “Ice” has been solid in 2012, and with two stars in Roddy White and Julio Jones he always has big game potential. The Falcons will be facing the Redskins in Week 5, who are ranked 28th in giving up fantasy points to QBs and 32nd in giving up points to WRs. That spells huge scoring potential. Look for Ryan to have another strong day.


Running Backs

Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. A. Foster @Jets 24.6
2. R. Rice @Chiefs 24.2
3. M. Lynch @Panthers 21.9
4. F. Gore Bills 21.4
5. A. Peterson Titans 20.8
6. R. Mathews @Saints 20.3
7. J. Charles Ravens 19.4
8. L. McCoy @Steelers 18.6
9. M. Forte @Jaguars 17.9
10. M. Jones-Drew Bears 16.7


Wide Receivers

Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. R. White @Redskins 20.2
2. A.J. Green Dolphins 18.6
3. P. Harvin Titans 18.4
4.  V. Cruz Browns  17.4
5.  A. Johnson  @Jets  16.2
6.  J. Nelson  @Colts  16.0
7. J. Jones  @Redskins  15.8
8. D. Thomas @Patriots 15.4
9. M. Floyd  @Saints  15.1
10. D. Bowe Ravens 14.6



Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. M. Ryan @Redskins 24.8
2.  E. Manning Browns  24.2
3.  T. Brady Broncos  22.6
4. P. Manning @Patriots 22.2
5.  R. Griffin III  Falcons  20.7
6.  C. Newton Seahawks  19.4
7.  A. Rodgers  @Colts 18.6
8.  J. Flacco  @Chiefs  18.3
9. P. Rivers @Saints 17.8
10.  A. Dalton Dolphins  17.6


Note: Projections are educated guesses based on matchups, stability of performance, and other statistics. This fantasy football advice is free and based solely on the opinions of Punch Drunk Wonderland. If you have lineup questions please email The Kommish or tweet @PDWonderland.

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