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Week 6 Fantasy Rundown – RB, WR, QB Rankings

Each week The Kommish will be putting out his projected top 10 rankings for the upcoming round of games. The rankings are based on stability of performance, matchups, and general potential awesomeness of the player at their respective position.


RB Start of the Week:  Arian Foster v. Packers

At this point it’s pretty much Arian Fost versus anyone. The Texans could be hampered by a weakened defense after losing Brian Cushing to a torn ACL. However, you’ve seen Foster run by now. That fool is start of the week until proven otherwise.


WR Start of the Week:  Andre Johnson v. Packers

The Pack is currently giving up an average of 23.6 fantasy points to wide receivers, and Andre Johnson is looking like he’s in the midst of a 2012 resurgence. Chances are this Week 6 matchup is going to turn into a shootout and Schaub is a right capable gunslinger that will have eyes going Johnson’s way.


QB Start of the Week:  Matt Ryan v. Raiders

The Raiders have given up the 2nd most fantasy points to QBs and an average of 22.5 points to receivers. Again, that sounds like a pretty favorable setup for Ryan and his strong receiving group. Look for a big game all around for the Falcons, and expect Ryan to pile on the points in Week 6.


Running Backs

Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. A. Foster Packers 21.4
2. R. Rice Cowboys 20.6
3. J. Charles @Bucs 20.3
4. T. Richardson Bengals 19.6
5. L. McCoy Lions 19.0
6. A. Peterson @Redskins 18.8
7. M. Lynch Patriots 17.9
8. R. Mathews Broncos 17.6
9. D. McFadden @Falcons 16.8
10. M. Turner Raiders 16.0


Wide Receivers

Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. A. Johnson Packers 21.6
2. P. Harvin @Redskins 20.8
3. C. Johnson @Eagles 19.4
4. R. White Raiders 18.9
5. A.J. Green @Browns 18.3
6. J. Jones Raiders 17.6
7. L. Fitzgerald Bills 16.8
8. D. Thomas @Chargers 16.3
9. D. Bowe @Bucs 16.2
10. V. Cruz @49ers 15.4



Rank Player Opp. Proj. Pts.
1. M. Ryan Raiders 25.6
2. P. Manning @Chargers 24.8
3. T. Brady @Seahawks 24.0
4. B. Roethlisberger @Titans 23.4
5. A. Rodgers @Texans 22.2
6. M. Schaub Packers 22.0
7. A. Dalton @Browns 20.9
8. M. Stafford @Eagles 20.7
9. E. Manning @49ers 19.8
10. A. Luck @Jets 19.6


Note: Projections are educated guesses based on matchups, stability of performance, and other statistics. This fantasy football advice is free and based solely on the opinions of Punch Drunk Wonderland. If you have lineup questions please email The Kommish or tweet @PDWonderland.

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