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Week 6 – Show me the money!

Pay Up Sucker

Week 5 is in the books. You know what that means…it’s time to pay da man. Several of you haven’t paid your league fees yet. Starting in Week 6 I’ll be deducting points from folks that haven’t paid, and the deduction amount increases for each week after Week 6. Just mail me the money, give it to me in person, or send via PayPal (include the PayPal tax). Easy peasy.

Week 5 saw some new award winners in PDW. ShortBus was the Big Man o’ The Week with his 142.9 points. I Need A Miracle was the Steamroller with his tasteless beating of the fantasy handicapped kid, Magical Flying Noob. Speaking of Ocho, he takes home the Low Joe o’ The Week and the Sunday Sally. Also, another player he dropped was the scoring leader this week. That’s funny.Laughing at his misfortune makes my loss easier to deal with. There weren’t really any close matchups, so no one gets The Sneaky Dog this week.

As far as standings, those undefeated bastards are still undefeated. Total Gronk and I Need A Miracle moved to 5-0. It’s time to end this nonesense. ShortBus and NSFW jumped up by moving to 4-1 leaving the remaining 3-2 and 2-3 fools battling out below them. Ocho and Petunia continue to suck it up on the winless boat. Maybe we’ll see another defeated season like we did in 2008.

Week 5 Top 10
1. Marques Colston – 31.1
2. Alex Smith – 28.9
3. Bears D/ST – 28.8
4. Reggie Wayne – 28.2
5. Andrew Luck – 27.8
6. Drew Brees – 27.6
7. Ahmad Bradshaw – 26.9
8. Aaron Rodgers – 25.3
9. Peyton Manning – 24.7
10. Percy Harvin – 23.6

Week 6 Waiver Order
1. Shortbus
2. Magical Flying Noob!!
3. Guaranteein AWin
4. 3-Ho’ Punchers
5. The Iron Price
6. Total Gronk
7. BackFromThe281
8. RickK’sRevenge
10. I Need A Miracle
11. The Apparatus
12. The Gravyboat

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