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Zulu Cthulhu Rises in Week 7

Dang, wish Kreebo would’ve taken the CJ trade I offered! How about that Zulu Cthulhu (aka Chris Johnson) looking like he can play football again? Pretty impressive showing even if it was against the 4th worst run defense in the league.

Seriously, people? Are we really still letting Gronk and Miracle continue this ludicrous winning streak? These are the only two managers in the league that got stuck auto-drafting. Are you telling me that actually participating in the draft is just a waste of time? If so, I’m playing Madden and getting drunk while you jokers draft next year. C’mon, Drunkards. This cannot stand.

With their wins, Gronk and Miracle extended their win streak to 7. That means they are both one win away from tying the PDW streak record of 8 (ShortBus, 2008). Elsewhere in the league there was substantial reordering of the standings. With their wins both RickK’sRevenge and iWin hopped up several places in the rankings. They moved from 9th and 11th to 7th and 8th respectively thanks to the points edge they both hold against the other 2-5 teams. At the upper end of the standings, NSFW leapfrogged ShortBus to move into 3rd place and took over the total points lead. The middle is still the middle, and BackFromThe281 and The Apparatus are still floundering in mediocrity until someone bridges the gap and kicks their sorry asses back to the depths.

Total Gronk came out of Week 7 with the Big Man o’ The Week for his league high 113.9 point total. Once again Ocho’s Magical Flying Noob wins the Low Joe o’ The Week for his stellar 67.2 point performance. TheSteamroller goes to NSFW for his 104.1-67.2 win over Magical Flying Noob. That means the Sunday Sallygoes to Magical Flying Noob for getting rolled. RickK’sRevenge’s MNF comeback was inevitable with 4 players in play, so that doesn’t count for The Sneaky Dog. Once again, no one gets that one this week.

Going into Week 8 a matchup of note will be Total Gronk versus ShortBus. Gronk has squeaked by on several close ones thusfar, and this will be another tough matchup. The rest of the week stands to further polarize the league as it’s largely the have-nots facing each other or the haves facing the have-nots. Good luck in Week 8, Punch Drunkards!

Week 7 Top 10
1. Chris Johnson – 31.8
2. Josh Freeman – 29.7
3. Drew Brees – 29.1
4. Vincent Jackson – 27.6
5. Aaron Rodgers – 25.6
6. Robert Griffin III – 25.1
7. Patriots D/ST – 24.6
8. Randall Cobb – 24.0
9. Adrian Peterson – 22.9
10. Arian Foster – 22.3

Week 8 Waiver Order
1. Magical Flying Noob!!
2. The Iron Price
3. Total Gronk
5. 3-Ho’ Punchers
6. The Gravyboat
7. RickK’sRevenge
8. The Apparatus
9. BackFromThe281
10. ItsTime iWin
11. ShortBus
12. I Need A Miracle

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