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Fantasy Profile: Colin Kaepernick (QB, 49ers)

It’s only been a matter of time in San Francisco before something happened to shove Alex Smith out the door. In the offseason it was the uncomfortable rumblings that Coach Harbaugh was courting then free agent, Peyton Manning. Now it is the emergence of Colin Kaepernick during Smith’s absence due to injury as a potentially more explosive option at the position.

The downside for Kaepernick going into Week 13, is that Harbaugh continues to be noncommittal to the press about the QB situation. That said, at some point he will have to acknowledge that it is very likely time to move on. We’ve seen what there is to see of Alex Smith. He is a somewhat reliable game manager that can win you some ball games, but he brings no explosiveness to the offense. Enter Colin Kaepernick. In Smith’s absence Kaepernick has had 2 starts, completed 32 of 48 passes for 474 yards and 3 TDs, and has also rushed 10 times for 37 yards and a touchdown. That is a strong start.

While Harbaugh may continue to hang onto Smith for another few weeks, it seems clear that Kaepernick has the upside that should make him the Niners QB of the future. The question will be when that future begins. It may have already.

Going into Week 13 the 49ers will be facing a Rams defense that is giving up an average of 14.9 fantasy points to opposing QBs. Assuming he gets the nod, this week could be a decent week to play Kaepernick.


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