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Hail the Record “King”!

Unprecedented. Week 10 was yet another record setting week in PDW. After setting a PDW record for largest margin of defeat in Week 9 with his strong 99 point loss, Magical Flying Noob managed to top his own record in Week 10 by getting absolutely embarrassed in a 100.5 point loss to RickK’sRevenge. Just amazing. Sure, there have been sorry performances put up by ghosts of PDW past, but none have done so with the kind of determination to suck as Ocho has this season. Stone cold lock for Schmuck of the Year at this point.

In other PDW news, most of the league (including the All Waiver Team) put up strong 100+ point performances in Week 10. RickK’sRevenge put up a strong 149.7 to lock up Big Man o’ The Week while getting theSteamroller for beating up on defenseless Magical Flying Noob 149.7-49.2. That obviously means good ole Ocho is again Low Joe o’ The Week and Sunday Sally. And, once again Ocho came away with the Little Bench because his shitty bench outscored his shitty starting lineup. Again, no particularly close matchups in Week 10 so no one gets the Sneaky Dog.

With 3 weeks left in the PDW regular season, NSFW sits securely in the #1 spot. Total Gronk and Miracle are in the #2 and #3 while ShortBus, The Apparatus, and 3-Ho’ Punchers round out the rest of the top 6. The top 6 in the standings will go to the 2012 PDW playoffs that starts Week 14. Going into Week 11, RickK’sRevenge and BackFromThe281 have a solid chance to move into the playoff picture while The Apparatus is holding on for dear life. Because of points tie breaker there could be a decent amount of shifting in the next 3 weeks. Good luck in the playoff hunt, Drunkards!

Week 10 Top 10
1. Broncos D/ST – 32.4
2. Joe Flacco – 29.7
3. Cowboys D/ST – 27.0
4. Matt Ryan – 26.6
5. Jimmy Graham – 26.6
6. Adrian Peterson – 25.6
7. Titans D/ST – 25.4
8. Matthew Stafford – 25.3
9. Calvin Johnson – 24.7
10. Tony Gonzalez – 24.2

Week 11 Waiver Order
2. 3-Ho’ Punchers
3. RickK’sRevenge
4. FightinMyWay
5. ShortBus
6. I Need A Miracle
7. The Iron Price
8. Magical Flying Noob
9. Total Gronk
10. The Apparatus
11. BackFromThe281
12. The Gravyboat

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