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Week 13 Fantasy Pick-Ups

For most fantasy leagues this next week will mark the end of the fantasy regular season. Below are 5 players to target on the Week 13 waiver wire. Good luck in striking gold just in time for the playoffs.


Colin Kaepernick (QB, 49ers)

There is a bit of a QB controversy going on in San Francisco, and Coach Harbaugh is being somewhat wishy washy on how things will shake out. The bottom line is we’ve seen what Alex Smith can do. He can manage games and give you some wins, but he doesn’t have a high ceiling. Kaepernick, on the other hand, gives life to an offense that needs more of a spark. He’s looked good through two games so far. Look for the trend to continue.


Knowshon Moreno (RB, Broncos)

It seemed like Hillman was going to be the guy to fill in when McGahee went down. Now the waters are muddy. It seems Coach Fox wanted to give Moreno another look, and he put up a strong performance in Week 12. That could translate to a more featured role in the Broncos offense. That said, Hillman and Ball are still in the mix. He’s worth a look, but tread carefully as he’s had consistency problems in the past.


Beanie Wells (RB, Cardinals)

Wells came back from Injury in Week 12 and put up a great performance. Given how weak the Arizona running game has been since losing both Wells and Ryan Williams to injury, any success is a positive. Look for Wells to see the lion’s share of carries. He might be a gem going into the fantasy playoffs.


Ryan Broyles (WR, Lions)

With Titus Young serving a conduct related suspension, Broyles stepped in and had a solid showing on Thanksgiving. Young has not been particularly impressive and has show repeated attitude problems. That could translate to Broyles stepping into the #2 spot full-time even when Young comes back. Keep an eye on the situation. Broyles had a great Week 12, and he’s shown strong talent.


T.Y. Hilton (WR, Colts)

Hilton has looked like he has the makings of a future Percy Harvin-esque utility player for the Colts. He’s had big plays in the return game, running game, and passing game. He has five scores in the last four weeks, so he’s been on a hot streak. While he may not get a ton of targets, temper that with the fact that he is involved in the return game and gets occasional carries out of the backfield.


Note: Projections are educated guesses based on matchups, stability of performance, and other statistics. This fantasy football advice is free and based solely on the opinions of Punch Drunk Wonderland. If you have lineup questions please email The Kommish or tweet @PDWonderland.

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