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Challenge TheKommish on Fantasy Throwdown

Fantasy ThrowdownLove fantasy football, but don’t have the monogamy in you to love and hate the same players for a full season? Time to throwdown. Fantasy Throwdown is a unique fantasy football site that does weekly head to head matchups with quick and easy drafts. They have regular tournaments and maintain a fun leaderboard to keep track of the throwdown community records. If you’re up to the challenge, challenge TheKommish!

Fantasy Throwdown reduces fantasy football from a season long journey to a one week or one day event, while still holding true to the concepts that make fantasy football great – head-to-head competition, skilled drafting and (optional) trash talking your opponent.

Throwdown involves two individuals having a fantasy football draft using players from only a few games all played in a single NFL week. The individual whose team scores the most fantasy points in the competition, wins, and the other loses, just like traditional head-to-head fantasy football.

The idea for Fantasy Throwdown was originally conceived in 2007 by long-time fantasy football players, popular fantasy website contributors and good buddies Mike MacGregor and Matt Waldman. After many trials and tribulations working to develop the idea into a functioning website application, Mike and Matt are happy to introduce this game to fellow fantasy football players.

This daily / weekly game isn’t about players trying to win cash with a vig paid to the house. It is for people who love playing fantasy football. Play it, challenge your friends, and enjoy.



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