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Keepers & Sweet Goodbyes

In our primary PDW league we have a limited keeper system. Players may be kept up to twice which means they can spend a maximum of three seasons on a manager’s roster before they have to be released back to the player pool for the next season’s draft. It seems like most of the time we’re happy to get rid of a disappointing no talent keepers, but there is the rare case in which it’s a hard goodbye. Our regular season winner, NSFW, is dealing with the reality of ending his 3 year relationship with Arian Foster. They’ve been through a lot, and he put together a tear jerking goodbye video to mark the event.

Finally, Arian and I have had a wonderful few years together. Granted, he didn’t really get it done in the playoffs for me, but I’ll miss him all the same. Having Doug Martin around lessens the sting, but I know it will still hurt to see Arian with someone else next year. And I’ll take with me the memories…



In addition to touching images of Foster, the video also contains common team logo images that NSFW has used over the last few years and a shot of Barry Sanders with a Lion….because…well…because it’s BARRY SANDERS WITH A LION!!!


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