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PDW Playoffs – Round 2!!


The Week 14 Round 1 of the PDW Playoffs involved 3 former PDW Champions. Unfortunately, at the end of the week only one remained. I Need A Miracle moved passed The Apparatus and 3-Ho Punchers beat up onShortBus to advance into Round 2. It’s for real now, Drunkards. Miracle will be facing #1 seed, NSFW. 3-Ho Punchers will face #2 Total Gronk. Both NSFW and Total Gronk have been hot, but both could also be slowed down with injuries to key players.

The winners of the Round 2 matchups will move on to the 2012 Punch Drunk Wonderland Championship, THE DRUNKARD BOWL. The highest scoring of the losers in Round 2 will be our 3rd place finisher for the season. Good luck, Drunkards!


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