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Divisional Round Start of the Week – Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Start of the Week, Patriots, Divisional RoundEach week The Kommish will look at the various matchups across the league and come up with a recommendation for “Start of the Week”. Since The Kommish is a fantasy genius (not really) you should take this as the surest thing possible in a given week. I don’t think “surest” is a word, but this Start of the Week is the real deal regardless.

Tom Brady is this week’s pick for Start of the Week for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. It’s largely a no brainer considering the success the Patriots offense has had in 2012. He’s going to perform, right? While Houston’s defense was amongst the top in the league early in the season, they tapered off a good deal as the season wound down. They’ve given up 15+ fantasy points to opposing QBs in 5 of their last 6 matchups. The defense is just beaten up by injury.

Sure, J.J. Watt and company are a threat in the pass rush. However, Brady tends to make the best of what’s given to him and he generally has good protection. The last time the Patriots met with the Texans Brady put up 296 yards passing and 4 touchdowns. He clearly had the Houston defense under control in that 42-14 butt kicking.

Brady plays well in the playoffs and Belichick is a master at having his teams prepared. Brady carved up the Texans in their first meeting and it stands to be worse after they’ve seen the team once. Look for Tom Terrific to be just that in the Divisional Round.

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