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Does Rex Ryan really have this tattoo? If so…awesome!

Rex Ryan, Tattoo, Tebow, Sanchez


I’ve seen this bouncing around a good deal today, and I was certain it was a joke and ‘Shop. However, these photos seem pretty real. What the hell is this seemingly real tattoo on Rex Ryan’s arm? It sure seems to be a bottomless woman (strikingly similar in appearance to his wife, Michelle Ryan) tebowing whilst wearing a Mark Sanchez #6 jersey. What?!


Rex Ryan, Tattoo, Tebow, Sanchez, Closeup

This has to be a fake, but it’s certainly pretty hilarious. The only thing more entertaining about it would be if it were actually real. That would give Rex the best sense of humor on the planet.

UPDATE (01/08/13): This tattoo is the real deal. Rex is a very funny and oddball human. Way to be a weirdo, Rexy. Now work on winning.

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