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Playoff Sleepers – Conference Championships

Atlanta Falcons, RB, Jacquizz RodgersThe playoffs are here and there are still a lot of folks out there trudging their way through the various fantasy football challenges out there that involve the players in the playoff pool. Looking for that surprise sleeper going into the Conference Championships of the playoffs? Look no further. Below are some good sleeper candidates for this week. 

Shane Vereen (RB, Patriots)

Vereen had a real breakout appearance in the Divisional Round versus the Texans as he put up 124 yards and 3 touchdowns. He found himself in a slightly different role as he stepped in as the “no huddle” back and performed excellently. The game plan from week to week are in constant flux for the Pats, but we’ve now seen that Vereen has the potential to play a big role.

Jacquizz Rodgers (RB, Falcons)

The Atlanta running game was surprising in the Divisional matchup with the Seahawks. Turner had probably the best game of 2012 and Rodgers also put up a decent game. Rodgers compiled 64 yards on 10 carries as well as 2 receptions for 8 yards. While Turner had the bigger game last week, these backs will continue to operate in a time share. Rodgers has shown the ability to breakout, so he’s worth a look.

Jacoby Jones (WR, Ravens)

Jones is primarily involved in the return game for Baltimore, but in the Divisional round he landed the play of the game by hauling in a 70 yard touchdown in double overtime. Obviously, Smith and Boldin will get the majority of the looks but Jones is occasionally put in big play position. Combine that with potential in the return game and Jones could have viable fantasy merit.

Randy Moss (WR, 49ers)

The old man is still riding along in this offseason trip with the Niners. Moss hasn’t played much of a role for San Francisco all season, but he is still Randy Moss. He doesn’t have the speed he once had, but he could still stretch the field or pull down the occasional jump ball. Does Randy have some sleeping giant left in him for this playoff run?

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