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Playoff Sleepers – Divisional Round

Playoffs, Sleepers, DuJuan Harris, PackersThe playoffs are here and there are still a lot of folks out there trudging their way through the various fantasy football challenges out there that involve the players in the playoff pool. Looking for that surprise sleeper going into the Divisional Round of the playoffs? Look no further. Below are some good sleeper candidates for this week. 

DuJuan Harris (RB, Packers)

The Green Bay Packers may be onto something with Harris. He received nearly all of the carries for the Pack in Wild Card Weekend. He didn’t exactly pile on the yards, but he did put up 17 carries for 47 yards and a TD. He’s clearly in the coaching staff’s good graces. He’ll get the opportunities to break out in the Divisional Round versus the 49ers.

Anquan Boldin (WR, Ravens)

Joe Flacco is still hot and cold, but he looked good pitching it to Boldin against the Colts in their Wild Card Weekend matchup. Torrey Smith is clearly not getting the looks, and Boldin is taking advantage of what he’s given. Last week he had 5 receptions for 145 and a touchdown. Denver has a tough defense, but Boldin has potential to perform.

Golden Tate (WR, Seahawks)

Tate remains an option for Seattle, and in Wild Card Weekend he received a team high 4 targets. That’s not much to shake a stick at, but it does show that he’s being kept involved. He’s shown some flashes here at the tail end of 2012. Look for him to have some big play opportunities.

Randy Moss (WR, 49ers)

Yeah, that guy. Remember him? Moss hasn’t done much for the Niners in 2012, but he’s had the occasional big catch. While he doesn’t have the speed of old, he still has some potential to flash. Sure, it’s a long shot. Could Randy put up one more big show for the playoffs?

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