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Top 5 Fantasy Busts of 2012

Fantasy Football, Bust, 2012, EaglesGoing into every season we all do the research, and we all have our fantasy players that we think are going to be the “sure thing” for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out and those super studs turn into super duds by season’s end. Here is a look at the top 5 fantasy busts of 2012.


1. LeSean McCoy (RB, Eagles)

McCoy scored the 2nd most fantasy points among RBs in the 2011 season with 282.4. It was an average of 17.7 points per week. That production led to McCoy being taken in the top of fantasy drafts this season. Unfortunately, he’s proven to be the biggest bust of the group as his production dropped way off and injury has sidelined him for much of the season. He has only played 10 of 15 games in 2012 and in those he has tallied a skinny 126.5 fantasy points (averaging 9.7 per week). It seems Shady is not the Real McCoy.

Fantasy Football, Bust, 2012, Cardinals, Fitzgerald2. Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals)

There should be a “Save Larry” campaign because he is just a wasted talent in Arizona. Someone pull Kurt Warner out of retirement. Do something. Help this man. In 2011 he was the #6 wide receiver in terms of fantasy production and many expected him to still be solid despite a questionable offense in Arizona. Unfortunately, he has gone from a sure fire must start to a bench sitter in fantasy line-ups this season. In Week 14 he had 1 catch for 2 yards? Seriously?! Fitzgerald is a great talent on a terrible team.

3. Philip Rivers (QB, Chargers)

Many thought Rivers just had a down season in 2011 and that he was bound to bounce back. Remember when he was a top 5 fantasy quarterback? Whether it’s just a drop off in ability or mysterious injury, something has caused Rivers to fall flat. He’s indecisive, inaccurate, and unproductive. The once top fiver is now in the bottom third of the league in terms of fantasy points by quarterbacks. Time to stick a fork in Laserface.

4. Brandon Lloyd (WR, Patriots)

Many thought Lloyd was going to step into the old Randy Moss role when he was signed by New England. As expected, the Patriots offense has been prolific as ever. No thanks to Lloyd. Rather than being the stretch the field receiver that Brady was going to connect big with he’s been a huge disappointment. Through 14 games he has only put up 97 fantasy points. So much for opportunity.

5. Vernon Davis (TE, 49ers)

Davis was top 10 fantasy tight end in 2011 and there were a lot of reasons to think he was going to have an even better 2012 season. Unfortunately, it seems Davis’ success is largely tied to his connection with Alex Smith. He got off to a slow start and now that Kaepernick is under center Davis is more or less non-existent. He went from a great potential option in the TE spot to a no show. Disappointing.

Updated (1/21/2013): Davis has come back to life in the playoffs and found a groove with Kaepernick. He had a great performance in the NFC Conference Championship Game versus the Atlanta Falcons. Davis’ 2012 fantasy season was still a huge disappointment, but there could be hope for next year.

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