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Chiefs give up draft picks for a guy they already had

Alex Smith, ChiefsToday the Kansas City Chiefs put the pieces in place for a deal with the San Francisco 49ers that would land Alex Smith in a Chiefs uniform for 2013. Of course, the trade can’t become official until the new league year begins on March 12. I like to think personnel folks in the NFL are sharp, but it really seems like the ball was dropped by KC. All they had to do was look at their own roster to see what they’re getting…..another Matt Cassel.

Lets look at the numbers…

Player Exp G Comp Att Pct Yards Avg TD INT Rate
 Matt Cassel 8  78  1,203  2,044  58.9%  13,495  6.6  82  57  80.4
 Alex Smith  8 80  1,290  2,177  59.3%  14,280  6.6  81  63  79.1


I’m no statistician, but these look pretty much like the same guy. Sure, Smith took the Niners to the NFC Championship game in 2011, but I think we can all agree that the team’s defense was the larger reason for that success. In fact, that is a common theme for both players. Alex Smith has had inflated, inaccurately perceived success in San Francisco because he has been a mediocre quarterback on a team with a decent run game and a great defense. Matt Cassel has been largely non-existent since his breakout season with the New England Patriots in 2008, and during that season he was also a mediocre quarterback being carried along by a good defense and other factors that were largely out of his control.

I could be crazy. You may think these two quarterbacks are nothing alike. You may think that Alex Smith is a better mediocre quarterback than Matt Cassel, and that is probably true. However, is he #34 overall draft pick better? The details of the trade are that San Francisco will receive a 2nd round pick (#34 overall) in the 2013 NFL draft and a conditional 3rd round draft pick in 2014. Alex Smith could be better than Matt Cassel, but not for the price. No way.

I’m sure Chiefs Nation is irate over this move today. Doing a little browsing over at Arrowhead Pride gives us a little insight as to what’s going on with KC fans after hearing news of this trade.

Chiefs were suckered. Gave up way too much.


Hell f@#$ing no.

No freaking way! If that is the case regarding the draft picks, then these guys are morons.

So glad we didn’t renew our season tickets this year. Can’t stand to watch Matt Cassel Alex Smith all over again.

And, some humorous gifs reflecting fan sentiment….

No no no

No No no, Alex Smith to KC

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