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Mariucci burns Matt Barkley in 15 minute interview

Matt Barkley, 2013 NFL Combine, MariucciOne of the biggest telling factors for many NFL teams coming into the combine is the 15 minute interview. Some argue the exercise is futile because the prospects come in coached up and give too many canned answers. Others argue that you can find mental strength and other intangibles though these interviews.

NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci sat down with USC star, Matt Barkley, for a 15 minute interview. Over the course of the sit down Mooch drew up a play on the board using his own terminology, went over the details of the play, and then erased it. He then went on to talk to Barkley about his varoius interests and charity work after which he asked Barkley to return to the board to redraw a flipped version of Mooch’s original play diagram. It seems Mooch stumped the young prospect on this one.

Of course, this entire exercise seems like a nonsensical trick. What does a quarterback prospect’s ability to undergo a mind game like this and come out unscathed really have to do with ability to succeed in the NFL? In all actuality, it is very telling. The ability to process terminology and put situational play circumstance in perspective is an essential skill for NFL quarterbacks. The ability to recall plays, situations, outcomes, as well as both the offensive and defensive alignments for particular plays is a key trait that NFL teams want in their quarterbacks. The signal caller needs to be sharp, focused, and smart on the field.

Matt Barkley didn’t do himself any favors in this interview with Mooch. Hopefully, his interviews with various NFL team representatives went better.


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