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Why Reggie Bush is the best 2013 free agent option at RB

Reggie Bush, 2013 Free AgencyThe three biggest names in 2013 free agency at the running back position are Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Of the three, Bush is clearly the best option. Obviously, Jackson is a risk because he’s too long in the tooth for much of an investment. If youth were the only consideration, then Bradshaw would get the nod. Bush is 2 years older than Bradshaw, but he is much more versatile and has had less history of injury.  If you look at the entire package, Bush is the guy.

G RushAtt Yds Avg TD RecAtt Yds Avg TD
 91 967 4,162 4.3 29 372 2,730 7.3 15


In all actuality, the one statistical knock on Bush over his career has been goal line production. However, that largely comes as a product of the kind of use he’s seen from the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints. Statistically, his production is very similar to much acclaimed Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice. The major distinction being that Bush hasn’t seen the goal line use, goal line production, or goal line touchdowns. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Reggie Bush is the kind of caliber player that Rice is, but I do think he could flourish if given the opportunity on a team that knew how to play to his strengths.

Bush isn’t a pound-it-between-the-tackles kind of back, and anyone in the market for him will know that. He’ll need to find a system that can use his ability to make his own holes, move in space, and shine as a receiver out of the backfield. He needs to find a team that will put him in the Darren Sproles/C.J. Spiller type of role. Frequent touches, run plays designed to take advantage of his skill set, and a passing game willing to use him often as a receiver out of the backfield are the key ingredients teams need to look at if they are wanting to bring Bush on board.

In terms of injury, Bush has managed to stay fairly healthy over his 7 seasons in the NFL. At 28-years-old the only significant injury he’s suffered in his career is a broken fibula while with the New Orleans Saints in 2010. He bounced back relatively well with the Dolphins in the subsequent years.

Bush is the guy for a team looking for a game-changer, big play back with versatility. Obviously, that limits where he fits because some teams may not need an outside-the-tackles runner with good receiver hands. But, there will be suitors. We haven’t seen the last of Reginald Alfred Bush, Jr.

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