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More on a Perfect IDP Scoring System

The search for a perfect IDP fantasy football scoring system continues.  I am looking for a non-graduated system to allow it to be cross-platform as not all fantasy platforms have the ability to do graduated position-based scoring.  This is a continuation on my previous look into the search for the perfect IDP scoring system.

IDP-ScoringTo help fuel the search and to build ADP data for this year’s IDP pool, Punch Drunk Wonderland has been conducting a series of ALL IDP mock drafts on MyFantasyLeague.  Taking this approach has allowed me to start pulling some data on draft potential and get some insight into tweaks to the scoring systems.

Each Solo Tackle 1.5 pts.
Each Assisted Tackle 1 pt.
Each Tackle for a Loss 3 pts.
Each Pass Defensed 2 pts.
Each Sack 4 pts.
Each Interception 6 pts.
Each Safety 10 pts.
 Fumble Recovered for TD  6
 Each Fumble Lost (on defense)  -2
 Each Forced Fumble  4
 Each Fumble Recovery  2
 Each Blocked Punt, FG, PAT  6
 Blocked Punt or FG Return for TD  6
 Interception Return TD  6
 Fumble Return TD  6
KR/PR Return TD 6 pts.
Every 10 Kick Return Yards 0.8 pts.
Every 10 Punt Return Yards 0.8 pts.


The above system is a very slight variation from previous systems and it focuses on the relationship between Sacks and Tackles for a Loss as well as the relationship between Solo and Assisted Tackles.

As previously mentioned, NFL stat crews are often inconsistent in how they score solo and assisted tackles. For this reason it makes more sense to move away from the “solos are worth double the point value of assists” approach. In this system we’re going with solo tackles being valued at 1.5 points and assisted tackles being valued at 1.0 point.  While not a perfect solution, this is an attempt to level the playing field for tackle scoring to allow for the inconsistent stat tabulation.

Sacks and Tackles for a Loss are the big stats that make defensive lineman relevant in fantasy football.  Unfortunately, the only good way to find true balance would be a graduated system in which DTs and DEs are given position-based scoring.  However, I’m looking for a scoring system without using a graduated system. This means that for the most part only the elite DEs will have a big fantasy impact and then there will be a huge drop off to the middle, and it means that DTs are plagued by low scoring numbers.  Tackles for a Loss are a big stat for both DTs and DEs. It’s important to make the value for TFLs close to that of sacks, but making the value too high for either stat gets messy. In the previous system that I’ve suggested I used 4.5 points for sacks and 3 points for TFLs. I found this to be too much of a gap. Depending on scoring systems a sack can often be calculated as 1 tackle, 1 sack, AND 1 TFL.  Obviously, a sack becomes a big point generator. Decreasing the point value slightly seemed important. The setup I’m going with now is 4.0 points for sacks and 3.0 points for TFLs.  DTs and the bottom third of DEs still under produce in fantasy scoring using this setup, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Here is a look at scoring for this setup using 2012 data. J.J. Watt was a statistical beast last season, so his scores are off the charts.  Take the DE numbers with a grain of salt.

Highest Score for DE:  J.J. Watt (385.5)  /  2nd highest was 235.0
Highest Score for DT:  Geno Atkins (198.5)
Highest Score for LB:  Von Miller (304.0)
Highest Score for CB:  Charles Tillman (236.5)
Highest Score for S:  Devin McCourty (223.9)

Average of Top 10 DEs:   210.25
Average of Top 10 DTs:  134.8
Average of Top 10 LBs:  266.65
Average of Top 10 CBs:  201.95
Average of Top 10 S:  204.81

Since this write-up was published Jeff Ratcliffe offered up a 2013 reboot of the PFF scoring system. It’s worth checking out. 


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