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Under-the-radar fantasy IDPs for 2013

NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTAIf you’re a casual IDP player that has a few defensive spots on your league rosters or if you’re in an all IDP league, you want bang for your buck.  Most of the time when we’re talking about productive IDPs we’re talking about consistent statistical performance such as a high average amount of tackles per game or disruptive stats like Tackles for a Loss and Sacks.  In most formats the diamond in the rough for defensive players are the every down or near-every-down linebacker.  Those are the guys that pile on the tackles, and those are generally the guys you can rely on.  They’re the high floor guys.

Lets take a look at some Linebackers that have potential to be under-the-radar type guys that could be seeing significant playing time in 2013.

Nick Roach (LB, Raiders)

Roach is my favorite low key IDP going into 2013. He’s settling in as middle linebacker after the departure of Rolando McClain, and he’s a much more versatile player at the position than Oakland has seen in the past. He stands to be an every down linebacker which means he has potential to produce strong numbers with consistency. The coaching staff love his athleticism and football smarts, and they’re going to let him thrive on that defense.  His overall average draft position is as a 12th rounder at this point, but he’ll likely wind up going much earlier. He definitely has the potential to be a sure fire top 10 fantasy linebacker.

Jon Bostic (LB, Bears)

While Bostic is going to be in an “open competition” with D.J. Williams for the middle linebacker position, I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be a producer.  Regardless of how things shake out, Bostic will get significant playing time since he can play all three linebacker spots with success. He’s a natural middle linebacker, and look for him to be Chicago’s next monster in the middle at some point.  He’s a smart tough guy who fits the prototype.  He could be a top 20 fantasy linebacker and at an overall average draft position of the 13th round he has great value.  As we get closer to the season look for him to become a sexier pick, but he’s still going to be a good deal and great potential bang for the buck.

Kiko Alonso (LB, Bills)

Alonso stands to fit into the middle linebacker role, and the Bills have been very happy with his versatility and football IQ.  They’re giving him the opportunity to run the defense as a rookie and he could wind up being a big player in the Buffalo defense.  He’s potentially going to be an every down kind of guy with a lot of upside. His overall average draft position is currently sitting as an 11th rounder, and he’ll probably sit right around there in snake drafts.  He has top 20 fantasy linebacker potential and good value.

Sio Moore (LB, Raiders)

Roach is obviously going to be the solid man in the middle of the Oakland defense, but the young rookie has room to play a big role on the weak side.  Moore had great college numbers and his athleticism is off the charts.  He was a combine monster in multiple areas.  Moore will be a three down ‘backer on the weak side and look for him to be flying around and putting up solid performances.  He has great potential as a fantasy IDP and he’s projecting as a 14th rounder which means he could be a great draft deal.

Manti Te’o (LB, Chargers)

Fake girlfriends, crappy BCS Championship performance, and media circus aside, Te’o has potential. He’s been noted by San Diego beat reporter Keven Acee as being one of the “most NFL-ready rookies he’s covered in the last nine years.”  That’s pretty decent company. His college numbers were obviously great, but many consider him a question mark for the NFL.  Regardless, he stands to be a deal in mid  to late rounds of IDP snake drafts.

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