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PPR Draft Analysis: Review of The PPR Snake Draft

The Sports PostThis is a draft review by a member of PDW’s The PPR fantasy football league, Jared Bissonnette. Jared is writer for the league’s co-sponsor, The Sports Post.

This is a 12 Team PPR league, with the only twist being QB’s get 4 points for TD passes. Let’s get into it.

What I was thinking (Rounds 1-2):

I got the 2nd overall pick, which I was pretty upset about to be honest. Most of the value is had in middle to late spots, but in PPR it’s not a big deal. I knew I would get someone I wanted. Obviously AP goes #1 overall, so I grab C.J Spiller, who I think is going to have a monster PPR season. In round 2, all I was hoping for was Jimmy Graham somehow falling to me. Luckily he did, and I was very excited about it. He should not be around that late in the second round.

Best Picks Rounds 1-2:

It is hard to get a bargain in the first round, but I think Ray Rice is ridiculous at number 10 overall. He is a sure thing to catch a ton of passes, not to mention the way he runs the ball. Megatron shouldn’t be around at 11 either in a PPR draft but these things often happen. I think Steven Jackson should have went earlier as well, he is very dependable and will produce boatloads in that new offense.

Worst Picks Rounds 1-2:

I’m not a fan of Aaron going 5th overall or Peyton going 9th. You can always make a case for Rodgers, but Manning shouldn’t be off the board until a few other QB’s are gone, Drew Brees being one of them.

What I was thinking (Rounds 2-4):

When deciding who to take next, it was kind of easy because there was a player available who I thought should be drafted much higher. I was ecstatic to get MJD in the third round. If he weren’t available, I would take Reggie Bush. I knew if I didn’t get an RB here, my backs would be garbage. Usually I would go RB RB, but Jimmy Graham was a bargain. Yes, RB RB in PPR, because I know that there are a lot of good wide receivers available late in the draft. When it came back to me, I knew I had to grab a QB. I wanted Kaepernick so getting him was a relief. With touchdown passes being worth 4 points, his rushing TD’s are going to be a boost. He also runs the ball very effectively, so no complaints there.

Best Picks Rounds 2-4:

Reggie Bush deep as a mid third round pick is great as he could easily go in the 2nd round. He is going to do very well with the Lions. Team @richardbuote got a great deal on Andre Johnson as well. Daryl Richardson was also a sneaky good pick in the 4th round, as he is going to start for the Rams.

Worst Picks Rounds 2-4:

I think DeMarco Murray in the mid third round is a waste of a pick. Everyone knows he is going to miss a bunch of games, I don’t like that kind of risk in the third round. The same can be said about McFadden. But they are talking the risk, so they get to reap the rewards is they can actually stay healthy (spoiler: they won’t). Speaking of injuries, let’s talk about the Gronk. Is he going to make week 1? Is he going to last the season? If so, he was a steal. If not, bust. I like to play it safe so I’d say the 3rd round is too early for him, but Gronk is a machine so can’t hate on that pick too much. I also hate the Lamar Miller pick. He might not even be the starter. It’s worse because it was basically his job since even the Dolphins hate Daniel Thomas, but he still couldn’t take it. I’d be extremely concerned. Splitting carries is never a good thing. Splitting carries on a team like the Dolphins? Disaster.

DAR1-4(Click to enlarge)

What I was thinking (Rounds 5-8):

Not having a wide receiver by the 5th round in a PPR league is a danger of going running back heavy early. I often have this problem, but I don’t mind because I am comfortable finding wide receivers who can produce in the PPR format. I went with Danny Amendola because I think he will be Brady’s new Wes Welker, which means he will rack up a ton of receptions. They displayed a lot of chemistry in the preseason and I am happy about having him on my team. In round 6 I had to take another wide receiver since I only had one, so I decided to take a chance on DeSean Jackson. With Maclin out, I am hoping he steps up and starts taking the game seriously. I followed that pick up with Miles Austin who I think, unlike previous years of him being overrated, he is now severely underrated. He is going to be a strong #2 WR. With my 8th pick I decided to add some depth to my RB core with Andre Brown. Brown will be on the field a lot because Wilson can’t block, and he will steal the goal line touches too.

Best Picks Rounds 5-8:

RG3 and Andrew Luck that late provide tremendous value for their fantasy owners. Even with his injury history, RG3 is worth a 5th, especially in this format. Cecil Shorts and T.Y Hilton were also great picks in the 7th.

PDW-2013-draft-01Worst Picks Rounds 5-8:

Le’veon Bell shouldn’t have been drafted due to his lisfranc injury, but the news might have came out right before the draft so there is a good chance Rusty didn’t know. I am also not a fan of drafting defenses before the last few rounds, so the 8th is definitely way too early. Team Schroeder can be forgiven though because he was on autodraft, which is how he ended up with half of Atlanta’s roster.

DAR5-8(Click to enlarge)

What I was thinking (Rounds 9-12):

I decided to add more wide receiver depth since I was still a little thin. I like to target high upside players deep in drafts, which is why I snagged Chris Givens. I expect him, not Tavon Austin, to be the most productive receiver on the Rams. With my next two picks, I decided to cover my bases. I picked up Ben Tate because he is a great running back, but also because there are a lot of concerns about Arian Foster’s health. With my next pick, I had to get Fred Jackson. Last year I got Fred Jackson and made the rookie mistake of not getting C.J Spiller. I do not make the same mistake twice. As soon as I picked Spiller, I made a mental note to go back and get Jackson later. You know your mother would make a great fantasy player, because she knows it’s better to be safe than sorry. I grabbed Houlser with my next pick to back up Jimmy Graham. I wanted Jordan Cameron, but he was stolen a few picks before.

Best Picks Rounds 9-12:

Russell Wilson is a huge steal in round 9. Seeing how late RG3 and Wilson went makes me hate getting Kaep in round 4, but such is life. Alshon Jeffery is starting to break out, which means he is losing that sleeper status and on his way to becoming a stud. Vick is a great QB 2 option as well, @ HayesNFL did a nice job snagging him. Owen Daniels, Danny Woodhead, and Cordarrelle Patterson were all nice picks as well.

Worst Picks Rounds 9-12:

There isn’t much to talk about here, besides the Isaiah Pead pick. I would not roster him at all. If anyone takes Richardsons job, I think it will be Zac Stacy.

DAR9-12(Click to enlarge)

What I was thinking (Rounds 13-16):

With the draft winding down, I’m going through my mental checklist. I already made sure I got all my handcuffs. I got my backup tight end, now I have to get a quarterback. I was hoping I could grab Flacco because he had a good matchup the week Kaepernick had a bye, but someone took him a few picks before me. I would have gone for Carson Palmer, who is the king of garbage points, but unfortunately he had a bye the same week my QB did. I settled for Dalton who has a strong arm and is improving. I was unhappy with my WR depth so I added Nate Washington for good measure. He is definitely a sleeper, and also one of Lockers favorite targets during the preseason. For my last two picks, I grabbed the chiefs who have a good matchup in week one, and Garrett Hartley who kicks for the Saints. Saints are always scoring or getting close, so he should be able to rack up some points for me.

Best Picks Rounds 13-16:

Kenbrell Thomplins seems to be one of Brady’s favorite preseason targets, making him the #2 receiver on the team. He should be rostered in every league. Pierre Thomas is also a steal this late. I am not a fan of the Saints backfield but with the way they produce, you have to take him by round 13. Brian Hartline, Jonathan Dwyer and Robert Woods were also good picks.

Worst Picks Rounds 13-16:

It is hard to make a bad pick this late so this will be quick. There is really nothing to complain about except mention that I like Christine Michael more than Robert Turbin.

DAR13-16(Click to enlarge)


After review, the two teams who had the best draft were @richardbuote and @ HayesNFL. Team Hayes has a solid team, but waited on a QB and got Vick late. That is a little concerning given all of Vicks problems in the past, but if he can remain the starter the whole season Hayes has a chance to run the table.


  1. @richardbuote

    August 27, 2013 at 6:37 am

    Nice write up here! I thought I got crazy value on Trent Richardson in the second (17th overall)

    • Jared Bissonnette

      August 27, 2013 at 12:12 pm

      He needs to go first round in PPR drafts for sure.

  2. Craig Lowell

    August 27, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Jared Cook in the 6th?? Ouch.

    • Jared Bissonnette

      August 27, 2013 at 12:28 pm

      People get excited for Jared Cook every season and it just never happens. That’s why I wanted Graham, so I could avoid the fantasy guessing game that is the tight end position.