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Join the 8 Week PDW Throwdown Challenge!

PDW-Throwdown-League-2013Looking for a short-term fantasy football league that lets you pick a new starting line-up each week and features a variety of different scoring formats as the season goes on? Then the PDW Throwdown Challenge is what you’re looking for! In coordination with Fantasy Throwdown and their great weekly head-to-head platform, we are putting together an 8 week league that will run from Week 5 through Week 12. Click here to sign-up!


  • 8 players in the league
  • No league fees!
  • Regular season starts Week 5 and goes to Week 11
  • Play 2 games per week
  • Championship games in Week 12, including triple-header between top two regular season teams and single game matches between 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th
  • Lineup varies every week!
  • Alternate scoring systems each week!
  • Unique formats such as:
    • Bench players only challenge (Week 7)
    • IDP challenges (Week 8)
    • Must use games involving last place teams in NFL, to be decided (Week 9)

Sounds fun, right? Come sign-up and play!



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