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Learn how to be a Fantasy Football Champ in style

Here in Punch Drunk Wonderland we like to think we do things the right way. This is especially true in our flagship granddaddy of them all fantasy league. Sure, there are the friendly office leagues out there.  There are the “play with the wife’s cousins” leagues.  There are the “just for fun” leagues. But, we all know those are just powder puff fantasy football leagues.

Draftstreet! Play and Win!Fantasy Football is just that. It’s a time consuming fantasy that all of us Sunday couch jockeys can partake in that brings us closer to the manliest of HGH induced competitions, FOOTBALL. It’s not powder puff. It’s rugged competition involving fantasy franchise owners hewn out of granite and steeped in infinite football knowledge. This is competition made for gloating. Made for trash talking.  This is where middle aged out-of-shape geniuses can move our athletic chess pieces around the board and destroy our opponents with our ruthless savvy.

So, you want to know how to be a fantasy football champion? You wield that savvy like a pro. You talk more trash than anybody. You beat the competition with your blunt force statistical genius, and when it’s all said and done you stand on the mound of decapitated over weight defeated franchise owners and feast on the still beating hearts that you’ve ripped from their unworthy and less savvy chests! Bam!

A tradition has formed in Punch Drunk Wonderland to create a “Message from The Champ” video.  This is how it’s done, folks.  This is the mark you make. So, take note.  If you want to own your league and be a champion, then you have to produce.  You have to dominate. Talk trash. Destroy. And, in the end…..video document your achievements to show the world that you rock and everyone else sucks.

Take this to heart and have a good 2013 Fantasy Football season.

(Also, check out the PDW 2012 “Message from The Champ”)

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Kelly Smelser is Owner/Senior Writer for Punch Drunk Wonderland and PDFantasy Sports. Architect of the PDW fantasy football world and general spinster of NFL and Fantasy Football news and analysis. Long walks on the beach, sunsets, and other such niceties are also fine...